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Quality and Performance
XFX has gained a reputation in the computer components industry by consistently producing high-quality products that push the boundaries of technology. They are known for their robust lineup of video graphics cards as well as their power supplies. XFX has become a favorite for many gamers and casual users who expect the best performance available at a reasonable price.
Whether the cards are built on AMD Radeon or NVIDIA GeForce architectures, the cards are manufactured with the highest quality components to ensure stability, cool running temperatures and minimal noise. XFX offers a full lineup of both AMD and NVIDIA cards ranging from leading-edge to everyday use cards so gamers as well as casual users can find exactly the right card to fit their specific needs.
Every XFX card is focused on increasing user productivity whether it means playing the latest games on the highest quality settings or simply using office applications more efficiently. Their commitment to producing cards that offer the best possible performance at an affordable price is legendary within the very competitive industry.
High-Tech Gaming Innovation
Avid gamers know the true value of having the best VGA card available. A powerful graphics card is necessary to enjoy many of the latest games in the way the game designers intended. With next generation graphics processing units (GPU) and up to 3GB of dedicated super-fast DDR5 or DDR3 RAM, XFX VGA cards take gaming to higher levels. These cards specialize in making games come to life with the best possible graphics rendering and texture mapping.
For people looking to build a top-notch gaming system, an XFX graphics card can deliver the performance necessary at a very attractive price point. These cards run cool and help to cut down on excessive system heat which can threaten the durability of computer components. XFX cards are known for offering major performance in a sleek card design minimizing the space needed for installation.
It is important to consider the power supply when upgrading an existing VGA card. A new card may require an upgrade to the PSU in order to be sufficiently powered. XFX also makes a large selection of reliable and affordable power supplies should the PSU need to be upgraded as well.
Every Productivity Boosters
XFX knows the market and realizes that not every customer is interested in playing the latest video game. A dedicated graphics card will allow many users to realize performance gains over onboard graphics and allow increased productivity. A dedicated graphics card can serve to free up valuable system resources by providing a GPU and video RAM that will speed up everything from picture/video editing to using word processing/spreadsheet applications. These cards will also often provide other important functions such as multiple monitor support as well as additional connectivity such as HDMI, DVI or Display Port.
Online computer component retailers typically offer the widest selection of video cards at the best prices. This includes the latest performance VGA cards as well as the lower priced productivity enhancers. Check a trusted online retailer to find the XFX VGA cards that uniquely fits your specific needs.
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